Vacation Brian Head

Common Questions about Vacation Rental Homes

What can I plan on in the unit?
All properties are furnished and equipped by its owner with your comfort in mind. Furniture or supplies cannot be moved or removed from the property during your stay. In certain areas of each rental property there may be locked closets for owner personal storage that are not included in this rental. All of the properties shown in the rental program are privately owned, therefore, each property will be uniquely different in décor, equipment, etc. There will be operating instructions inside your rental- we expect strict compliance to the house rules. Linens and towels are provided. Our housekeeping team will clean the house after your stay, and appreciate your following the provided check-out instructions to follow to eliminate the need for any additional cleaning fees. Housekeeping is not provided during your stay unless by special circumstances and prior arrangement.

Does the unit have Internet?
We offer Internet access in many of our homes, but please be aware that Brian Head is a little behind in the technology world. Please be patient as we work with providers to increase the coverage. Due to the location in the mountains, expect only limited service with a slow connection, even in homes that provide Internet access. If the property does not offer internet there are a variety of locations in Brian Head that offer Wi-Fi: Town Hall, The Mall by Giant Steps. Check the in room information for the best internet location and directions. Why a cleaning fee? INNHouse Cleaning Services provide the highest cleaning standards in Brian Head. We take great pride in a clean and-well stocked rental, and include a starter supply of items like toilet paper and paper towels for your use during your stay. The cleaning fee is a non-refundable, one-time fee and varies due to the size of the home.

Do I need to bring firewood?
Most of our properties have wood burning fireplaces. One complimentary fireplace kit is provided for each guest. This kit includes kindling, paper, matches, instructions, and wood.

How do I get access to the unit?
Every property (with the exception of Cedar Breaks Lodge units) has a lockbox with a key for entry along with additional keys inside the property. The lock box is a MASTERLOCK box; some units have more than one lock box, but you can locate ours by the BHVR stickers or MASTERLOCK logo. Approximately one week prior to your reservation, you will receive final directions and the lockbox code to use upon your arrival. Keys need to be returned to original locations upon check-out. Inspections done following your occupancy include a key inventory. Any lost or misplaced keys will mandate a re-key of the home, and you will be provided with the locksmith's bill for the service. Cedar Breaks Lodge Guests will obtain keys at the front desk of the project. Your name will be on file for the appropriate check-in date. You will need to return these keys to the same front desk upon check-out.

What If I leave something behind?
Housekeeping will bring anything found to the office where it is tagged and held for one month. Management Company and Owners are not responsible for items left behind but we will assist you with the return of the items at your expense.

What is the Maximum Occupancy?
The number of guests occupying a property is limited to the number stated in the unit information, with the exception of infants sleeping in cribs or playpens. These limits are strictly enforced, and apply at all times (i.e. parties will not be permitted, even if guests do not stay overnight).

Are there smoking units?
There is NO Smoking in any of our rental properties. Per UTAH Law, you must be at least 30 feet away from the building the unit is in to smoke. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of this contract and occupancy rights. No refund will be given. Management Company has the right to charge guest’s credit card any additional cleaning or repair fees deemed necessary. Part of the rental property includes the decks and front door.

What is your pet policy?
We are happy to offer a few pet-friendly units, with a nightly fee of $10 per pet applying, and a minimum per stay of $40. Pets are only allowed when pre-approved and in a pet-friendly rental. Please pick up after your pet in any of the pet friendly complexes.

Is there a phone in the unit? If not, will I get cell service?
Verizon is the best cell phone service provider in Brian Head. However in the past year, several other providers have expanded to Brian Head. Some rentals include a land line phone, but please ask before reserving if it is important that you have access.

Do you allow Walk In's?
You can book online or by phone anytime through our partner Vacasa - same-day bookings may be permitted depending on the daily housekeeping schedule. Walk-in's to our office in Brian Head cannot be accommodated.

Who removes snow at the unit?
We do our best to get all front porches, driveways, and streets cleared after a snow fall however there are many other properties that use the same services. Please be patient and keep the following in mind: There is a snow shovel provided on the front porch for your use during your stay. In the event of a large snowfall, be aware that the snowplow may not be by until mid-morning or sometimes later. The town plow services the major roads, while a private plow services the rest of the driveway and parking areas. Deck snow removal may need to be done if snow is abundant during your stay. We will try to give you a heads-up; however, sometimes the schedule does not permit it. Please don’t be alarmed if you see someone out there shoveling!